I can create my own website, do I really need a professional web design service company?

Even if you can create your own website, it isn't wise to do it on your own, especially if your knowledge in web design isn't very good. Many small businesses try to save money by building their own websites, or asking a friend to do it for them. But do you really want your online business or online presence in the hands of an amateur? In order to be taken seriously by both your potential clients and competitors, your site should look professional. According to a recent survey, web visitors don't trust a business with an amateurish look.

Your website's visual appearance invites visitors to stay and come back

A cool web design doesn't necessarily mean your homepage is a useful site. But it is also important to keep in mind that an attractive web design does draw visitors. Therefore, you need both an attractive web design and a usable website. People will often judge a website by its graphic design on their first visit. A study has found that putting simple graphics on a website makes a huge difference compared to a website with only text.

A balance between visual effects and usefulness creates visitor royalty

Many graphic designers focus on just making a website look good. They add unnecessary graphics or flash movies that distract visitors from the actual purpose of the website. Don't distract your visitors from the important information they need from your website. Strike a balance between visual effects and content, by separating the two to make it readable by the human eye and software, like search engines.

Professional web designers make your site attractive and useful

Professional web designers are trained to present your business information artistically and effectively. A good web design can help your business grow. Check out I don't have a website, how do I choose the right web design company?